Breaking Barriers

Entrepreneurship as a driver for new opportunities and inclusion

How entrepreneurship is empowering individuals and shaping our future

Fostering innovation and advancing societal progress

Entrepreneurship is a driving factor in how we can provide new opportunities and evolve our society and create opportunities for everyone.

It is providing a pathway to unleash human potential and ideas, while eliminating bias and make diversity and inclusion thrive in our societies and ultimately changing the way we think and act.

Refugees are no exception. Offering an educational program that makes it possible for refugees no matter their background to become a part of something bigger is helping this objective. By giving people the right set of skills and knowledge, they are given the opportunity to break away from traditional norms and take on leadership to create financial stability, resilience and independence.

A pathway to self-sufficiency and resilience

Danish Entrepreneurs have been working on developing best practices on how entrepreneurship can be a vehicle for economic opportunities since 1985.

The past two years, we have led Europe’s largest program for Ukrainians linked to build a business and help the rebuilding of Ukraine. The fulcrum is our extensive efforts and knowledge from developing and executing entrepreneurial programs in Nordics with impact, business creation and new opportunities for everyone.