Webinar: Digital Services Act 4 Startups. Friday 19.th june, 11.00 am (UTC +2 CEST)


Remember the discussions around GDPR implementation or Copyright? Now is your chance to be ahead of the game!

Join us for a webinar discussion around the opportunities and potential challenges of the upcoming Digital Services Act. Let’s design EU platform rules that encourage scale-up across Europe!

Dansk Iværksætter Forening and Allied for Startups will guide you through the challenges of the new legislation and share concrete action items to engage with policymakers at a national & EU level. 

Will you be impacted? And if so, how? Join us and make your voice heard! This is the chance to discover how your business models could be impacted and why it’s important to maintain and strengthen  the founding principles of the internet economy in Europe! 

Why is this webinar relevant for you? 

The Digital Services Act will affect any platform hosting user-generated content which qualifies as hosting intermediary services: 

  • Social media platforms & Online marketplaces (eg. you secondhand shop app) 
  • Online media sharing platforms (eg. your music app) & Collaborative production platform (eg your knowledge-based app)

Collaborative Economy services (eg. your private driver app) & Rating & review platforms (eg. your food’s ingredients & cosmetics decoding app)

  • Web Hosting platforms & Search tools (eg. your online search bar) 
  • Could services platforms & file storage & sharing platforms (eg. your holidays pictures storing app) 

What’s at stake?

  • The intermediary liability exemption for platforms hosting user-generated content – One set of simple, proportional and harmonised rules for all businesses in Europe
  • The prohibition of the general monitoring of online content – No obligation to control all the content available on your platform 
  • The preservation of the country of origin and freedom of establishment principles – Do business from and to everywhere in Europe! 

Speakers (MEP’s):

Karen Melchior, Radikale Venstre, MEP European Parliament, Renew Europe Group.


Peter Kofler, Chairman, Danish Entrepreneurs
Benedikt Blomeyer, Director for EU Policy, Allied For Startups
Christophe Diercxsens, Global Public Affairs Manager, Too Good To Go
Michael Eis,
CEO, Booomerang and Chairman, Danish Crowdfunding Association  
Graeme Barron,
VP, Legal OR Mandy Chilcott, Head of Policy & Public Affairs, Trustpilot






Welcome & Intro
Presentation of the Digital Services Act
Seat the table: Why it’s important for danish startups

Case study 1 – Trustpilot, Mandy or Graeme TBC
Quick Intro of the problem

Case study 2 – Too Goo To Go, Christophe Diercxsens
Quick Intro of the problem

Case study 3 – Danish Crowdfunding Association, Michael Eis
Quick Intro of the problem

Toolkit & Wrap up DSA Statement
Fade out/Sum up

Discussion w/Policy Makers

Presentation of the Startup Perspective
Policy Makers perspective
Karen Melchior (MEP)

Panel Debate – All panelists
Q&A (from the chatfunction)
Conclusion and next step
The end

Target group:

All interested are welcome to attend the webinar.


You will receive a zoom link by email when we get closer to the event.

You can also sign our open letter from industry players: Strengthen the fundamental principles of the e-Commerce Directive in new Digital Services Act:


Webinar: Digital Services Act 4 Startups
Friday 19.th june, 11.00 am (UTC +2 CEST)

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Danish Entrepreneurs

DSA For Startups