Dansk Iværksætter Forening x DISIE

Climate Heroes

Climate Heroes is the story about eight sustainable entrepreneurs that want to tell their story and inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs to make an impact. 

The heroes urge you to get started! 

We’ve sat down with the Climate Heroes to understand what drives them and what made them choose the entrepreneurial way. The Climate Heroes urge everyone with a good idea to try it out, and hope that by sharing their story they can lead the way for more entrepreneurs in Denmark

  • Hear the personal stories from the eight Climate Heroes
  • Learn what works and doesn’t work in a start-up
  • Get a better understanding of how sustainability also equals a good business

Your very own toolbox

 In addition to introducing our eight Climate Heroes, we have also developed a comprehensive toolbox. Here you can download the tools that your business needs and that helps you make a bigger impact. You can also hear some of the Climate Heroes tips and tricks to getting started and building the best foundation for a sustainable business 

  • Download the tools you need for your business
  • Learn how to incorporate sustainability and business
  • Dive into the different categories and start making an impact
  • Hear from the Climate Heroes and get the advice they wish they received when they started

Find the tool that fits your needs

The toolbox is divided into four categories, so you can choose the section most relevant for you and your company. Browse through it and download whatever you need.

Climate Heroes is a project developed by Dansk Iværksætter Forening in cooperation with DISIE. This project wants to show the future entrepreneurial stars in Denmark. The Climate Heroes is about not compromising when running a business and still want to make a sustainable impact.