About Danish Entrepreneurs
Danish Entrepreneurs is a non-profit member association that supports and advises startups in Denmark and helps them internationalise beyond borders.
Entrepreneurs Are The Future
Entrepreneurs are the future of our economy by trailblazing in innovation and enabling job growth. We want to educate entrepreneurs, advocate for startup-friendly policies and raise their issues in the media to encourage entrepreneurship, innovation and competition.
A Fundamental Supporter
The association was founded in 1985 and has since grown to be one of the most fundamental supporters of the local ecosystem of entrepreneurs with over 16,000 members in Denmark. We work with Danish and international partners to encourage entrepreneurship and create the best conditions for startups in Europe.

Our vision

Entrepreneurs are the future of our economy. Startups are the trailblazers of innovation and enablers of job growth. We want to support them in every step of the journey: from early-stage startups to global scaleups.

Our mission

We strive to cultivate an inclusive environment where startups can share knowledge within the greater startup community and build a network of support and learn from other’s expertise. We bring startup voices to policy-discussions and work to raise entrepreneurs’ voices in the media.

Our goal

We want to help startups succeed in their process of building businesses. We have an entrepreneurial mindset and understand that there are many issues to tackle along the journey – we will help to make your entrepreneurial journey smoother.

How we work

On The Policy Side

We are active on the policy-side by monitoring EU’s movements and policy-discussions, building position papers with like-minded organisations and campaigning for policies that will support entrepreneurs. We want to see the EU as the best continent for startups to innovate, grow and compete and where startups are supported and not discouraged by complex EU legislation.

On The Activity Side​

For members we organise events, create toolkits and facilitate knowledge sharing between founders and teams. We are committed to creating a diverse and inclusive ecosystem which celebrates entrepreneurial spirit in all forms. Our members deceive which issues should be raised and we work on their behalf to keep dialogue going with those shaping the startup ecosystem.

With partners we collaborate on several ways, whether advocating for startup-friendly policies by creating position papers, organising events, hosting bi/multilateral meetings or campaigning and raising awareness in the EU.